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Skipping rope training – get the best results

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We all know it by now - if you want to really boost your metabolism and burn a lot of calories and fat, then there is hardly anything more effective than an intensive cardio workout. But we also know the dilemma – going jogging or cycling is not right for everyone. Not everyone has a pleasant running route in their immediate vicinity and doing jumping jacks on the mat repeatedly loses its appeal after a while. The skipping rope offers the perfect alternative! Not only will it give your cardio workout a new boost, but if done correctly, it will also accelerate your progress. And build your muscles at the same time! Jumping rope is also really fun. 😊 Jumping rope allows for a variety of different exercises and can also be carried out at different levels of intensity. This makes it perfect for both beginners and ambitious professional athletes. Thanks to the countless different options, it never gets boring and never stops challenging the body.

Jumping rope also strengthens many cross-sport and fundamental movement patterns. Furthermore, it offers all the advantages of effective training high calorie consumption while improving stamina. At the same time, jumping rope has a very positive effect on posture: a large part of the jumping load is absorbed by the leg muscles. In order to maintain an upright body position, the abdominal muscles are forced to remain constantly tense and work in perfect coordination with the back muscles.

Because jumping rope uses so many different muscle groups, the body needs a lot of energy during training. Around 13 kcal are consumed per minute, which really gets the fat burning and metabolism going. In a 30-minute workout, 400 kcal can be consumed straight away Shoulders, legs, buttocks, back, stomach and arms can be trained at the same time . What more do you want?

Training with the jump rope can be extremely varied and varied, especially in combination with double jumps or simple floor exercises. And it doesn't matter whether in the fitness center, at home or on the go![ Arms close to your body!

Make sure that your elbows remain close to your body at all times. The elbows are slightly bent; The wrists are slightly in front of your body during the exercise.

Concentrate on one point!

Try to focus your attention on one point. This will help you avoid losing your rhythm.

Jump on the balls of your feet!

It is important that both take-off and landing when jumping rope occur on the balls of your feet. This allows you to react faster and jump faster frequencies. You also minimize the strain on your spine and knees by cushioning the strain early on. If we were able to give you a taste and you want to discover the versatile skipping rope training for yourself, we have it in ours Shop 2 ideal options for you.

Our Jump ropes differ from other conventional models primarily in:

  • the high-quality professional ball bearings in the handles and the robust steel cables that are a significantly faster and easier rotation - making our speed ropes perfect for boxing, double unders and much more.
  • the adjusting screws through which the skipping rope Adapted to any body size quickly and easily can be.
  • and the Ergonomically shaped anti-slip handles , thanks to which the speed rope sits securely in the hand even during intensive sessions.

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